Chosen Version - 0.15.0

This update adds the f/f version of the drider bad end. The m/f version still needs to be done.

It also fixes some issues with his/her/hers pronouns. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to automatically translate the male pronoun his to her/hers (because there is only 1 male pronoun that maps to two female pronouns). So I eliminated all uses of the [character.his] tag and replaced them with either [character.her] or [character.hers] which can be unambiguously translated to the male versions.


  • Added f/f drider bad end
  • Fixed his/her/hers pronoun issues.

You can play the new version at the normal link Note this link is always available from the menu icon in the top right corner of the blog.

You can download an offline version at To play that version, you must extract the zip archive then open the index.html file in Firefox (the offline version does not work in Chrome or Edge).

If you discover further bugs or have other feedback on the version feel free to comment here, on any forum where I have a thread, or email me at If you want to report an issue, consider using the tracker at (no login required).