Version 0.7.0 - Combat and UI Improvments

This update adds several usability features to the user interface which I have been meaning to add for some time. Notably hotkeys and scrollbars that work with touch. It also adds some significant changes to combat and quite a few new abilities.


  • Added Hotkeys to scenes and combat. You can now use the number keys to select the nth button.
  • Switched scrollbars to browser default scrollbars. These don’t necessarily look as nice but they should work better on cell phones and be easier to click.
  • Reworked damage bonus and damage resistance systems. Damage resistance is now a multiplier instead of a linear number and willpower will now reduce lust gain.
  • Added several new abilities
    • Wizard - Ray of Weakness, Sweet Cloud, Tempting Illusion, Illusory World
    • Fighter - Iron Will, Pain is Power
    • Shapeshifter - Succubus Form, Slime Form, Dark Elf Form, Minotaur Form
  • Removed the wizard abilities extinguish flame and warmth because they were basically useless.
  • Moved the shapeshifter ability sexify from tier 3 to tier 2.
  • Items in the editor can now be divided into categories for organisational purposes.
  • The editor is now a bit better at resolving changes made in different tabs. If you work in two different tabs everything should work fine as long as you don’t edit the same piece of data. No guarantees though.
  • Added a new data type triggers which are used to modify basic game rules but are currently fairly limited.

You can play the new version at the normal link Note this link is always available from the menu icon in the top right corner of the blog.

If you discover further bugs or have other feedback on the version feel free to comment here, on any forum where I have a thread, or email me at